Mini S Magnetic Bluetooth Stereo Speaker



Hi Fidelity Sound , Wireless and in Stereo Surround Sound.

Hearing music the way they intended to be , with every tone and details , in full surround stereo .

Hi Fidelity sound , have always been associated with  a basic stereo sound field, allowing every details of the tones carefully sung by each individual drivers and tweeter to voice out the very music it was intended to .

With today’s mobile devices, these details of the original sound was completely muddled by the single mono speakers often found in mobile devices, laptops, tablets  and in the chaos, music was corrupted . These beautiful melodies have been made exclusive only to those audio connoisseur , who spend thousand of dollars into tube amps , analog to digital converters, aged wood speakers and powerhungry amplifier to magically filter the details and sound properly .

Bluetooth speakers have revitalized music the same way how Ipod was first introduced, it took away the locks to our chained standard speakers of our mobile devices and allowing some level of high fidelity to the mass market.

Bass that was never heard in an outdoor setting was now heard but it still lack the sparkle , the airy detail of music and vocals.  Current bluetooth speaker is often featured in a monoblock that features a passive bass radiator with flat speakers to mimic tweeters.

The midtones of vocals are lost in translation , acccentuating the heavy bass and high shrills of some EDM music , but killing softly the music like jazz, classics and the vocal with bad sound. admins are fanboys of good music and is particular of the equipment that these music are rendered on.

Mini S Speakers aren’t just bluetooth Stereo Speakers with Magnets, they are high fidelity music made available to the mass market .

It’s time to be re educated on what good music sounds like.