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HX Ultra Compact Electric Scooter

HX X6 is the market most ultra compact electric scooter you can find that can do 20 km on a single charge. When we first saw the HX X6 Electric scooter on the website, we weren’t sure how small it was until we received the stock at hand. Compared to the Transboard, when we received […]

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Top 5 Ways of Stress Free Travel To Work

  Top 5 Tips of Stress Free Travel To Work   Travelling to work have always been one of the most stressful event in the entire day .¬† How smooth is your travel to work can either invigorate or demoralize you . With the advent of better public transportation options such as MRT, LRT, Kommuter […]

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Transboard, folding electric scooter in Malaysia : Review

Transboard – Epikcure.com ‘s Review by Experience What is a Transboard? Transboard¬† is a revolutionary folding electric scooter in Malaysia , capable of travelling up 50km/h with a top speed of 32 km/h . Smooth folding gestures allows folding under 4 seconds and able to roll it like luggage into shopping malls, MRT, LRT and […]

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