Qbicle Foldable Bicycle Roller


Convert your dahon/oyama/tern into Brompton . Now everyone can roll their foldie/foldable bicycle

This attachment placed under the seatpost of foldable bicycles such as Dahon, Tern or Oyama to convert them into rollable foldable bicycles like Brompton.




Foldable bicycle ‘s design have not changed much over the years and whilst the design have been largely more for storage compact size , however for a commuter, having to carry the compact size to commute in the train is quite a burden especially most foldable bicycle weights at least 10kg .

The brompton have been better designed whose main features main castor wheels to be rolled along like a shopping cart. Its 13kg steel frame is much easier to be moved around the public transportation

Epikcure’s main goals have always been about improving or enhancing our lifestyle.

It is by this premise we would like to introduce QBicle’s Foldable bicycle Roller.

The sale is also posted on the Malaysia ‘s Bicycle Buy Sell Page