Ultra Compact Folding Electric Scooter , Can Fit into Backpack, MRT, LRT

Carry your personal mobility vehicle in your backpack, have it ready at all times , whether you re in MRT, LRT or any public transportation . Charge your mobile devices and even have built in Bluetooth speakers


What if you could pack your transportation into a backpack?


Last mile commuting is saturated with different approaches to how their last mile commuting solution should look like . Over the years, there’s been countless innovations to propel commuters forward to their destination via a combination of public transport .

There’s been a growing number of mobile options to integrate with existing public transportation channels such as foldable bicycles, foldable electric bicycles and foldable electric scooters. Most of them requires the commuters to fold joints and frames of the transportation of their choice or haul the folded contraptions into a smaller packages that requires them to drag or to roll their folded form into the public transportation of their choice.

HX Backpack E-Scooter have caught Epikcure.com ‘s attention with its most compact folded innovation that even rivals Hyundai’s famed Ioniq Scooter. This allowed electric scooter ‘s main folding mechanism allows a full size electric scooter to be folded into a form factor that can fit into a backpack or carried by its handle slightly bigger than a thermos bottle.



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HX X6 in its unfolded form is both beautiful and functional with steel reinforced joints to ensure all folding joints are securely locked to the frame to ensure rigidity in the right places .

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The scooter is constructed from aerograde alloy that ensure a lightweight package of 9 Kg that allows anyone to carry it in its folded form or packed into a backpack.

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This folding mechanism is a one of its kind , the best selling feature of this electric scooter that can be folded in such a compact size that it can be brought into any public transport , placed in car , and even into a backpack.

Watch this youtube video down below to witness the folding steps of the HX X6 Backpack Electric Scooter


Battery – Removable.

Another great feature of this HX X6 Backpack Electric Scooter is a removable rechargeable battery which could do a double duty as a power bank to recharge all of your mobile devices .  This means the battery can be taken off to be checked into hand luggage when you travel overseas packed into luggage .  This would mean that you can travel by air with the HX X6  Backpack Scooter.

With the feature of portability facilitated by the great folding package and removable batteries this would mean a minimalist travel arrangement and allowing you flexibility in term of travel options when you go overseas.


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Charging of this battery takes 6-8 hours . A single charge can take you a maximum distance of 25km with a top speed of 25kmh . It comes with USB port that charges at 1A . This allows you to charge your mobile devices whilst you travel. The HX X6  Backpack Scooter features a smart battery management system that features a variety of features that ensures the battery is not overcharged.

Some of the following features in this image above are

  1. Short Circuit Protection
  2. double overcharge protecion
  3. Back Charge Protection
  4. Undervoltage Automatic Sleep
  5. Abnormal Temperature Protection

All this features aims to assure you that this scooter have been intricately design with the rider’s safety in mind.


The HX X6 Backpack scooter features some safety features to ensure the ride or commute is safe for you whilst youre on the road.

The dashboard located in the middle of the handlebar is integrated which shows the charge status of the battery , the current speed that the units is going . There is a throttle to speed up and an electronic brake to cut off the motor to slow down.

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Safety – Night Visibility

Located at the front handlebar area is a cool strip of  LED Headlight that could function to be seen and to light up the path your scooter is travelling at . This give me the scooter and the rider better visibility for rider to gauge the journey up ahead and be seen .

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Rear bumper of the wheel also features a bright LED Red Tailight to ensure you are being seen by other motorist that you are sharing the road with or with pedestrian. This increases the visibility which also assures you better safety . This also allow pedestrian and cyclist to take note of you whilst youre travelling along a dark path or by the pathway .

The main platform of which the rider spend the most time on will be the scooter platform . This is made with aero grade alloy that is both stiff and stable .  On the platform , they have installed a anti-skid pedal tat is made of carbon fiber to comfortable absorb all of road’s imperfection whilst remaining rigid for stability . Carbon Fiber plate is so strong that it can withstand a heavier weight rider of a max load of 120kg .  Most other electric scooter on the market can only withstand a max load of 100kg.  With of the platform is also a wide 120mm to ensure proper standing area is maximized for comfort.

The handlebars features anti skid , soft handlebars to provide area to grip comfortably without experiencing any excessive vibration transmitted from the road condition. A kick stand is provided so that you can park your scooter safely .

The features doesnt stop here.


Dual Coil Suspension

The front wheel features a dual coil suspension to absorb excessive road vibrations to deliver the element of comfort . It is also supplemented by the 6 inch wheels that have inflatable tires to further dampened the shock of the road . This translate to better traction on the road as well as the comfort whilst riding on the HX X6 Backpack Electric Scooter.


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HX didnt just aimed for this scooter to be a commuting vehicle but aims to be part of your lifestyle of unlimited mobility .  They incorporated a hook to hold your luggage backpack and shopping bags so that as you use this scooter more into your lifestyle . it will facilitate your hands to be a fully functioning replacement to the car.

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