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Personal Mobility , Unlimited Adventure.

Commute up to 40km on a single charge, saving up to RM 700 in parking and petrol fees by combining travel from home to MRT and MRT to office. Avoiding all traffic jams . Make every travel to work an epic adventure



Personal Mobility , Unlimited Adventure.



Commuting to Work will never be the same, revolutionized the way you travel around.

You can  travel from home to your favorite cafe, folded it and carry it inside.

You can travel from home to your public transportation of choice, whether it would be MRT, LRT, Bus  Stations, Fold it And wheel it into the public transportation to travel with it.

You can go to your favorite shopping mall, fold it and wheel it into the shopping mall and spend the rest of your days there.

You can go to a bank , fold your Transboard , wheel it inside , take a number and wait.

You can do all this above saving you  parking fee, the hassle of looking for a parking , petrol cost, saving the environment and the stress . You can now enjoy your life with Transboard at your side.


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Transboard is a futuristic electric folding scooter which is 3 wheels that ensures stability and comfort. It’s low center of gravity ensure the ride is stable even in the tighest corner.


Transboard ‘s main linkage suspension is the main contributor to its’ comfort and it also double its duty when cornering ensuring the aerograde alloy platform does not topple and was able to support rider up to 100kg .



500w of power delivered to the back wheels with a top speed of up to 32kmh with a total mileage distance of up to 50km/h.



Transboard is available in Darth Vader Black or in Storm Tropper white ‘s gloss finish that makes head turn on every ride.  It both comes in a glossy finish and it looks amazing in the sun.


Transboard ‘s Folding Mechanism



Transboard folding mechanism is what separates itself from other electric folding scooter in the market. As you can see at the video above,  it is a smooth folding action that does not involve any complicated mechanism or screws or awkward folding positions.

Transboard folding just requires you to hold tight on the handle and pull up the chassis and it fold itself up in a matter of seconds , giving you sufficient time to properly click the chassis into place before boarding into any public transportation system or public shopping malls.






Transboard LED Display , is an energy saving display which is legible in both day time and night time. It is backlight LED screen that give you the readout of Current Speed, Distance travelled, Total Voltage , resistance level .

The Dashboard also contain the Electric Horn, Front Light Controls and Speed Level Control.


The Transboard can fit any height of riders as the telescopic handlebar ‘s height can be adjusted for any height .
Transboard put the rider in an upright position allowing the rider the most control of the Transboard whilst it is cruising

The upright position means the rider can anytime exit the vehicle should anything untoward happens.



This video above shows the Transboard in use , as the rider manuevers around the cones . You notice that the rider does not have to switch positon and is always at a very stable position . The chassis of the transboard will flex and do the steering as the suspension system and stiff chassis delivers it power smoothly.