Transboard, folding electric scooter in Malaysia : Review

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Posted by Mercane on 16hb November 2016

Transboard – ‘s Review by Experience

What is a Transboard?

Transboard  is a revolutionary folding electric scooter in Malaysia , capable of travelling up 50km/h with a top speed of 32 km/h . Smooth folding gestures allows folding under 4 seconds and able to roll it like luggage into shopping malls, MRT, LRT and even cafes. This review by experience can let you know how you can save up to Rm 700 in petrol and parking fees.

Commuting to work especially to KL, can take a toll on anyone whether it is going to work and coming back from work.  Ironically those who live in PJ , tends to travel to work in KL and those living in KL tend to work in PJ .  There is only small number of us who are lucky enough to work nearby our home .

A typical commute to Kl from PJ , often involves waking up as early as 5am , preparing to hit the road by 6.30am .in the morning. There  are commuter  on their way travel  work who also  have to send their kids to schools and then off to work . This demographic of commuters often flood the road between 6am – 6.30am , often around school area.  So if you are staying within the vicinity of the school, chances of encountering traffic jams are quite high . This is the first obstacle in your commute to work.

Other than those that drives to work, those who commute by public transportation such as buses , will have to find a time to walk safely to the bus stop . Walking to work requires a wise selection of time , where the road will not be lonely so that your security can be maintained . Waiting alone at the bus stop can be a scary events too .   Those who choose to walk to the local MRT or LRT station also faces the same issues as those who walked to bus stops.


2018 represents a time where electric folding scooter in malaysia, electric bikes have become viable transportation options  other than bicycles.  The improved  efficiency of an electric motor and the capacity of batteries have enabled these commutes to longer distance and allowed better designs to be folded into a compact form from which all commuters can transport these into public transport.

Amidst the vast choices of electric scooter available in the market , Transboard caught our eye as being different from the rest. We noticed that it is one of the few designs of electric scooter that is so distinct and yet there are no other copies of the same design . We attribute this to recent kickstarter campaigns and the patenting effort to keep this unique electric scooter ‘s design safe .

Transboard represent a culmination of Korean’s attention to detail in their design and chinese ‘s legenday manufacturing to be able to produce this magnificent beast of a electric scooter.  We will talk about this in several categories of the review

At, we would like to ensure all product listed in represent the values which we stand by which is practical, affordable and sustainable. Therefore we do not simply list any best selling items of which we have no experience of . We hope by adopting the product into our everyday life , we can present a wholistic review of which the features listed are practical , affordable and sustainable.


There are a  list of categories of which I will highlight my review of folding electric scooter which are

  1. Design

  2. Features

  3. Comfort

  4. Practicality

  5. Performance

  6. Safety

  7. Affordability

1. Design

    Design – Trim , Glossy Finish 

The Transboard boast of sleek lines, aerodynamic with  shapes that hints  the likes of super cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo . Front end of Transboard is a grille that belies the beast of a high torque electric motor .

The Transboard came in both black and white glossy finish . The entire body was made with polycarbonate trim where Mercanewheels justified as below about their choice of material

Polycarbonate trim is light but very strong in absorbing and resisting the bumps and grinds we all experience on the road. This gives you a smooth, safe ride on even bumpy terrain.

Transboard is made available in glossy white and glossy black which reminded me Darth Vader and Storm Trooper.

Whilst the top part of the scooter is covered with the glossy polycarbonate trims , the area below the scooter is finished with a matte tougher finish that seeks to tolerate scratches, rougher surface of the terrain and  moisture , protecting the delicate eletronics and controllers of the Transboard.

We appreciate is that Mercane wheels have not plastered the entire Transboard with stickers and taglines . They have kept the design of the scooter to be classy with logos of their company sparing placed at the front and at the bumper of the rear wheels.  This reflects a high degree of confidence in the product itself, preferring to let the ride and the usability of the electric scooter speak for itself.

The plastic namely around area where flexing and rubbing happens especially at the rear suspension fender, the plastic quickly showed some wear and tear from the constant rubbing during operation and the folding process.

When ridden, the plastic creaks rather audibly but giving no hints that it is going to break, it flexes as it goes through rougher terrain of the roads , providing a plush comfort which we focus on it later in the article.


Transboard by Epikcure


Design – Stable Platform

It ‘s important to note that Transboard isn’t just entire constructed of plastic.  We’ve just talk about the Transboard’s finish . The choice of polycarbonate is because it is light .

However Transboard is not a toy made of plastic , it is  a personal mobility vehicle . As such , it is important to have stability , comfort and safety as part of any vehicle.

As you can see the image below, the Transboard is meticulously designed from the ground up with aerospace alloy used as a platform . This is the same alloy grade that is used in commercial planes that is not only light for flight but have the tensile strength equalivent to steel and stiffness for efficient energy transfer .  The sturdy aerospace alloy grade platform seen below is what accounts for the 20 kg Transboard .

Transboard Stable Aero Grade Platform

The guys at Mercanewheels would want to ensure that Transboard can support the rider  at its maximum load weight of 100kg .  Suspension arms that not only provides comfort and maneuverability but also maintaining stability of the entire Transboard .  Steel is actually used in the suspension linkage arm to ensure the linkage is strong . Even the spokes are made alloy to ensure it is energy efficient . So there are no spokes to break .


Front tyres of Transboard is actually inflatable tyres complete with inner tube. This is because the majority of the stress comes from handling rougher terrain of malaysia road , therefore inflatable 10 inch tyres is used for traction and comfort.  This also highlights the technical know how from Mercanewheels in designing an electric scooter that can handle the roughest of roads.


Folding mechanism of the entire Transboard is also hold up by a high tensile strength steel pin that clicks in when the Transboard is unfolded . This ensures that the pin holds up the entire Transboard as it goes through roughest terrain .

Rubber Mats , Transboard, Electric Scooter

There are rubber mats glued on top of the alloy platform to ensure all road vibration will be absorbed giving none to the rider. It also allow rider’s shoes to grip the plate whilst riding to ensure no slippage occurs .

This attention to detail for the structure highlights that this vehicle was made with safety in mind .

This suspension design is also the most unique suspension design to ever seen on an electric scooter as it mimics the car suspension system to maintain tractions and provide the comfort from the harsh condition of the roads.  You can also note that the suspension is also made available at the rear with a rather long travel suspension absorber to ensure rider’s comfort and traction.

2. Features

The Unique Selling Proposition (UPS) of Transboard lies in the folding mechanism and the linkage suspension that is not seen or copied or duplicated in any electric scooter design we have seen in the market.


Folding mechanism

Folding mechanism in electric scooter is what makes an electric scooter mobile and it is the most important part of the electric scooter . Without this features, most commuter would regard the electric scooter as a big boys toys . However with this feature, Transboard is a crucial consideration in the alternative transportation option which you can wheels into any MRT , LRT , Take on Bus and even into the boot of a car .

Mercane Wheels Transboard

The luggage on wheels in its folded form can be wheeled into shopping center , markets and even cafes . The small footprint of the Transboard allowed it to be stowed away at a corner away from sights.


Features – Suspension System

Transboard have a very unique double wishbone suspension much like a car not seen on other electric folding scooter on the market. This allows the wheels to always track the ground with precision and handle any road anomalies and still providing comfort to the rider.

It is a multi linkage suspension system with a coilover spring system to ensure the right rebound as it absorb the toughest terrain on the road.

It can be used almost everywhere including golf courses . However do take note as Transboard have a very long carriage and very low center of gravity . hence use it in offroad terrain with extreme caution as it was not designed for it.







The author have incorporated the Transboard into his personal life and have replace the car with Transboard to see how practical this Transboard is and the result is nothing short of amazing .

The places that this author have been

  1. MRT –  It can be ridden into MRT Station before the gate , just fold the Transboard up and MRT officials will be more amazed at what you re riding . Just smile and I roll my Transboard into the platform. There are plenty of lifts available to transport you to the required platform and escalator the small footprint of Transboard also allow it to be placed upon it.
  2. LRT – Same experience as the LRT .  Below is an image of the author bringing in Transboard at peak hour of a weekday 5.30pm . Small footprint of the folded Transboard is not an issue in a train packed full of commuters.
  3. Shopping malls.: Most shopping malls such as Midvalley, One Utama, Curve, Tropicana City Mall . The author have no issue bringing it in folded form and no management have ever approached. Most people approached the author to find out where can they get one.
  4. Corporate office. : No corporate office management have also approach . They usually smile and allow us in .
  5. Religious building such as churches. again compact luggage size is more welcomed.
  6. Banks : The author have rolled into township in the middle of the jam and fold and rolled into a bank with no issues . Transboard really help in saving the hassle of looking for a parking lot and it can wait next to you whilst you attend to your banking needs.




This instagram post is to highlight the small footprint of the Transboard in LRT Train during peak hour around 5pm .

In its folded form , one can roll into LRT and stand with it with the crowd in peak hours without causing any discomfort to the rest of the rider,

You can roll into any LRT or MRT gates as though you are wheeling in a luggage.

img01This is the author waiting in Standard Chartered bank to do home banking activities at 12pm week days

The need to find parking lot or having to park on illegal corner and the constant looking out for trafffic police are gone.

With Transboard you can slip into the traffic jam , fold it and wheel straight into  any banks and wait comfortably.

Tropicana City Mall.

The instagram also highlight the author of taking MRT to Taman Tun Dr Ismail MRT station and then heading over to Tropicana City Mall and camp at the Coffee Bean cafe situated in the middle of the Tropicana City Mall.

The author have stayed in the same area for 6 hours without paying parking fee of Tropicana City Mall and petrol fee of going there.

Small foot print of the Transboard allowed it to be park next to the author ensuring perfect







This image above shows the Transboard in use in our Malaysian MRT station .

In its folded form, it is very practical to wheel around even though it is 20Kg.


Features – Suspension System and Steering .



One of the most unique features of the Transboard, you will notice immediately is that this electric scooter have 2 dual linkage suspension that is responsible for the accurate steering and comfortable suspension in front . There is also a rear suspension available for the back wheel .

On the author regular commute to work on the Transboard, the pedestrian walkpath is the common route to take to the local MRT , the pedestrian walkway comes in all types of surfaces and some terrain look off roads .

Transboard takes in all the surfaces without much complaints , effectively cushioning the rider from the harsher terrain of the road and allow the wheels to be constantly tracking the ground with no slippages .  As Transboard have 2 wheels up front , the author remainst always stable and even on wet weather, it displayed no issues.




The Transboard performance is like riding a high performance bike sans the top speed. The torque that is delivered even from the first settings is immediate and the speed built up is very quick . From stand still to its top speed of 32kmh , it was very smooth with no hiccup or any gear transition . It allows Transboard to be very nimble and to accelerate quickly .

This is evident when crossing smaller zebra crossing . The moment the road was clear, Transboard allowed the author to zip from one end to another end quickly.




Transboard comes with an speedometer that is LED backlighted that is legible to read on daylight and night time. It tracks the speed , milegage, settings for the lights and even featured a horn . On this speedometer, there is also an array of LED Light that can effectively light up the pathway in front of you and also double up its role as a to be seen light . This allows better visibility especially when you are sometimes riding against the Traffic.

Transboard, Epikcure
Transboard rear light allows the rider to be seen in all weather condition . This is a much important feature to be had


The Transboard when it was first released to US Market, the price tag was USD 1100 . It was considered a premium price for an electric scooter .

Transboard by is now priced at an affordable  Ringgit Malaysia 3800 which is equal to  USD 952

which is significant discount of USD 150 .

The cost is also inclusive of a 6 month warranty as well as free servicing within the 6 months after your purchase.

In malaysia, the price of a Transboard can purchase a petrol motor cycle . However a motorcycle requires petrol and engine oil changes to upkeep it . However Transboard just needed regular charging of electricity . It takes 4-6 hours to charge from 0% to 100% .

The author usually spends RM 400 for petrol and Rm 300 for parking fees .  During this 2 month period , the author have save a total of RM 700 .  In other words, if the author continues to use Transboard to replace the car on daily commute, the author can recover the cost of purchase within 6 months .  Every month after that there will be a significant surplus of RM 700 in bank account.  This sounds more like an investment than a transportion .

Which investment these days give you such high returns.


So give us a call at 0133247100 or call our contact number 03 77255677

We are located at Sunway Nexis Building in Kota Damansara Block C-10-05 .

Let’s test drive this unit today and start 2018 with a significant savings of Rm 700

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  1. Hi,

    Is it flight-friendly?

    1. If you have 20-25 kg weight allowance it can be flight friendly only if you packed it right . External batteries can be removed

  2. How many KM the batteries can LAST? For full battery charged.

    1. Hi Amar,

      For full charge, it can travel up to 50KM, it may varies depend on the way you ride it.

  3. how to get this toy

    1. Hi Rusnan,
      You can purchase from our webiste, Lazada or Shopee. You can schedule with us at 0149262620 to drop by our office for viewing.

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