HX Ultra Compact Electric Scooter

HX X6 is the market most ultra compact electric scooter you can find that can do 20 km on a single charge.

When we first saw the HX X6 Electric scooter on the website, we weren’t sure how small it was until we received the stock at hand. Compared to the Transboard, when we received the packaging, we mistook it for packaging for an electic music keyboard.

During the unpacking of the unit, it became clear to us that it is as advertised , that this scooter is the most ultra compact electric scooter we have ever seen or heard of .



Above is a photo Ive capture to show the sheer ultra compact size of this electric scooter.


HX X6 is an ultra compact electric scooter that despite its diminutive size, have a lot of features packed into it that make it different from the rest of the pack.

HX X6 packs in a 200w BLDC (Brusless DC Motor) which can go for a total mileage of 20km on a single charge.

Other features are a follows


The biggest feature of HX X6 Ultra Compact Electric Scooter is that the folding size remains the best feature any commuter can wish for .

Long Term Review : 2 Months.

  1. Folding Mechanism
  2. Comfort
  3. Power and Charging
  4. Other Features
  5. Practicality


Folding Mechanism

HX X6 Folding Mechanism is the highlight and the reason why anyone would like to purchase this scooter. The Scooter ‘s folded size gives endless possibilities and the destination one could ever travel to with this scooter.

9 Kg of weight with a size that is slightly bigger than a 1.5 Litre bottle , it is astonishing to learn that this electric 5.5 Wide wheels can actually transport a rider to a total mileage of 20km .

20km may not seem much on paper . But if your house is within 2 km of MRT Station , one could travel 5 days without charging .  That’s a lot of KM in a ultra compact scooter.  I have in the past 2 months managed to record 15 more KM than the claims on the brochure.

This is because HX X6 Electric scooter uses a PAS ( Push Assist System) where the rider push this scooter manually and activating the throttle. PAS will amplify your pushing efforts and therefore extend the miles in which this scooter is capable of .


HX X6 ‘s comfort is not bad considering that the only feature facilitating the comfort criteria is a set of suspension buffering those tiny non inflated wheels in front .

The platform of which the rider stands on is quite solid even though there is a folded mechanism in the middle of it . Once unfolded, the platform is very solid and given no hints of flex . Backwheel is non suspended .

The ride is somewhat on the firm side with the front suspension on the wheels performing overtime .  Therefore the road irregularities are feedbacked to the rider more .

The handlebars features a soft material that gives the rider the extra grip and slight comfort . This allows the rider to be stable even in the midst of going through tough terrains.



10 thoughts on “HX Ultra Compact Electric Scooter

  1. Are you guys selling it?

    1. yes we are selling it . 0123132210 give us a call .

  2. Hi there,

    Do you carry HX electric folding scooter & what is the price?

    Thank you.

    1. yes we are selling it . 0123132210 give us a call .

      1. Hi! How much is the price for this electric scooter?

        1. Hi Suzzette,

          Our Transformable HX Scooter is selling at RM1800.00. Please feel free to contact us at 0377225677 or 0123132210. Thank you

  3. hi!
    how do i lock the hx x6 after “unfolding”. does it lock or not?

    1. Hi Ghette,

      Yes it has two locking mechanism, one is on the main chassis ( the stepping platform) and the other is that bottom of the handle that is connecting o the main chassis area.

      Our support team email you some pictures on the locking mechanism directly.

  4. Do you have distribution in spain our europe ¿?
    We are interestedt to know about you and i will need your email.
    thank you !!

    1. Hi David,

      you can contact us at sales@epikcure.com. Look forward distributing with you in Europe

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